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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hair clippers?

From a top brand in hair care and styling, Wahl clippers are a great place to start if you're after a new set of hair clippers. Why not go for a kit that also includes a hair trimmer? An ideal solution for all your hair woes, these will let you touch up your brows and remove any unwanted hair from your nose and ears too.

What are the different types of barber clippers?

Barber clippers come in a range of cutting length from 0, 0.4mm, 0.5mm upwards and you can even purchase adjustable clippers and sets with detachable blades. Check out barber clipper accessories for comb attachments and more.

What is the best Lister Clipper?

No hassle. Just perfect clipping. Lightweight and compact, the Lister Eclipse offers hours of power and a feeling of supreme agility. Learn how to Clean, Tension, and Oil your Lister Fusion Clipper in under a minute. The Adelar Pro is easy to clean with it's click off blades, the trimmer also comes with a brush to help clean after use.

Can you use a hair clipper with a comb attachment?

Most hair clippers come with more than one comb attachment to be able to cut the hair to the length that you desire. We’d always recommend purchasing a clipper oil alongside your clipper too. It keeps the blades lubricated and can be used with electric shavers and beard trimmers too. Over 33% Off! Over 33% Off! Over 33% Off! Over 33% Off!

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