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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cliff bars really give energy?

The sugar in Clif Bars which amounts to 20g or more, may give you energy depending on your level of sensitivity to sugar. This will most likely be only a temporary boost. Additionally, some flavors of Clif Bars contain 50 mg of caffeine, about half a cup of coffee, which may give you more sustained energy.

Are Clif bars bad for You?

They can be toxic to your body, and unfortunately, Clif Bars are loaded with them. Even if you don't get a stomach ache from Clif Bars, the lectins you're consuming could be wreaking havoc. If you have a sensitive immune system and/or are prone to inflammation, you'll want to avoid lectins - and Clif Bars - altogether.

Do cliff bars contain gluten or dairy?

Some of the allergens in Clif Bars include soy, peanuts, almonds, cashews, tree nuts, and milk. While many Clif Bars are gluten-free out of deference to persons with gluten allergies, many products produced by Clif Bar do contain wheat .

Do cliff bars have caffeine?

Clif Energy Bars come in a wide range of flavors and formulations. The caffeine amount listed is for both their Cool Mint Chocolate and Peanut Toffee Buzz bars. The caffeine is derived from the green tea extract listed in the ingredients. Any Clif bar that contains chocolate will have a small amount of caffeine.

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