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Frequently Asked Questions

What was The Cincinatti Reds' original nickname?

The Cincinnati Reds are the oldest professional baseball team in the Major Leagues. They began as the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1881 because, yes, you guessed it, they wore red stockings with their uniforms. Eventually they changed the name to Redlegs , and soon after shortened that to just Reds .

When do Reds play in Cincinnati?

The history of the Cincinnati Reds dates back to 1876, where they were originally called the "Red Stockings" and were the first true professional baseball team in the United States. The modern Cincinnati Reds began play in 1882 as members of the American Association, which Reds won in their first year of competition.

Are the Cincinnati Reds the oldest team in baseball?

Cincinnati: The contemporary city. …is the home of the Cincinnati Reds (1869), the country’s oldest professional baseball team; the Bengals (gridiron football) play at nearby Paul Brown Stadium (2000).

What are the Cincinnati Reds colors?

Cincinnati Reds Team Hex, RGB, and CMYK Color Codes. The Cincinnati Reds colors are Red, Black and White. Here are the Cincinnati Reds color codes if you need them for any of your digital or print projects.

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