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Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories are in checkers spicy chicken sandwich?

Nutrition summary: There are 340 calories in a 1 sandwich serving of Checkers Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Calorie breakdown: 35% fat, 47% carbs, 18% protein.

How many checker pieces are in checkers?

English draughts (British English) or checkers (American English; see spelling differences), also called American checkers or straight checkers, is a form of the strategy board game draughts. It is played on an 8×8 chequered board with 12 pieces per side.

What is King in checkers?

The checkers king is simply defined as a checker piece that has already managed to reach the king row of the opponent. The King Row is the first row from the opponents perspective or the farthest row from the attacking player. Reaching this row allows a regular piece to become promoted to a checkers king.

What is the history of checkers?

The Checkered History of Checkers. Now, with its own written rules, the game settled in England where it was known as "Draughts" and in America where it was called "Checkers.". The game steadily rose in popularity as the years went by. 1847 was an important year in the history of checkers when the first championship award was given.

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