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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chairman and CEO the same thing?

In most traditional, family-run businesses, the owner is the founder, and is also Chairman + CEO. In large public corporations, the Chairman of the Board is different from the CEO. The Chairman’s position is a bit like the President (of India), albeit with more executive powers, while the CEO is like the Prime Minister.

Is a chairman the same as a president?

• President looks after day to day affairs of the company whereas chairman is more concerned with profitability of the company as he is answerable to the shareholders who elect the board members. • Technically speaking, Chairman is superior to a President and can vote a President out of power.

Do you use chairman, chairperson or chair?

• There is basically no difference between the words chairman and chairperson and they only refer to the fact that the person occupying the chair is a man or a woman. • It is better to use the word chairperson, if you are not aware of the gender of the person occupying the chair.

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