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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Candyman based on a true story?

Finally, to give it an even more grisly nature, Candyman is characterized by a hook, which is an element in other urban legend stories. Not based on a true story, neither is the Slenderman, kids.

Is Candyman a real person?

They say that many years ago, the Candyman was a real man. Back in the days of slavery, Candyman was a black slave named Daniel Robitaille, who worked on a plantation in New Orleans. He was a talented painter and was chosen by the plantation owner to paint a portrait of his daughter.

Is the killer Candyman real?

Throughout the course of the movie, Lyle uncovers the truth behind the Candyman legend while encountering the more terrifying everyday realities of poverty, police indifference, and drugs that plagued the lives of Black Chicagoans and had been for decades. Since his debut, Candyman has become a real-life urban legend.

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