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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your future at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences?

Your future starts NOW. Start it at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences! Healthcare jobs have never been in higher demand. At Cabarrus College, you can become part of this high-demand, high-reward field more quickly than you may think. Or, if you already work in healthcare, we can help you advance your career.

What is Cabarrus College?

Cabarrus College makes it easy for current students to stay connected - on campus, at home or on the go. Students can access Cabarrus College information anytime, as well as connect with instructors, classmates and staff members. Our graduates are our greatest asset!

When was the first nursing school in Cabarrus County?

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences evolved from the Cabarrus County Hospital School of Nursing, founded by Louise Harkey in 1942 as a three-year diploma program to meet the demand for registered nurses during World War II. February 2, 1942: Sixteen students enter the new nursing school .

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