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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Bushnell trail cameras?

With Bushnell you can rest assured you’re always getting the best, but we’ve gone a step further to ensure you pick the right trail cameras for your lifestyle. We’ve got the perfect camera for tracking a trophy buck, setting up a feeding system, monitoring pests and predators or wanting better security on your land.

Is the Bushnell aggressor wireless a cellular camera?

The Bushnell Aggressor Wireless remains one of our top-rated cellular game cameras due to the excellent picture quality and battery life. You will need really good ATT reception to make it work. At this time, ATT is the only option for the cellular Bushnell trail camera.

What is the best trail camera for hunting?

Bushnell game cameras are widely considered the standard for affordable trail cameras by institutional researchers. Bushnell trail cameras are available in both no glow infrared and red glow infrared. Bushnell game cameras have become known for their incredibly quick trigger & recovery speeds.

What is trailcampro's return policy for Bushnell trail cameras?

With the consistent institutional demand, Trailcampro maintains a large inventory of Bushnell trail cameras and accessories available for sale with immediate delivery. We offer a 2-year warranty and 90-day return policy on all the new Bushnell trail and game cameras for sale.

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