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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSc and its subjects?

The BSc curriculum includes practical lessons which carry a considerable amount of weightage. To pass a semester, students need to pass both the theory as well practical exams. Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics form the core of the BSc degree.

Is BSc science better than engineering?

Well, obviously the much better option would be Engineering. The one big difference between BSc & Engineering is : Time & Efforts. (For almost the same syllabus.) BSc timetables are much shorter & less hectic than engineering ones. So is the coursework. It’s also very lenient.

Which is better BSc IT or BCA?

simple if u want coding and working in computer application like MS office like software choose BCA. it has lot of jobs compared to IT. BSC IT also provides u job in IT industries but in different domain than BCA. It has basics of computer and IT concepts. little more hardware oriented. If u want to go for higher studies in research BSC IT is better.

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