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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in Bosch Legacy Season 1 Episode 9?

Bosch: Legacy season 1, episode 9 recap – “Cat Got A Name?” The introduction of an assassin in the Vance case proves people will do anything for billions of dollars.

Is Bosch legacy based on a true story?

Bosch: Legacy is a continuation of Prime Video’s Bosch. Both shows are based on books by Connelly, who introduced the Harry Bosch character in his 1992 novel The Black Echo. Bosch: Legacy premiered in May 2022 on Amazon’s Freevee streaming platform.

What happened to Bosch?

Bosch faces danger at the end of Vance's case; Chandler links with an unlikely ally; Maddie becomes too involved with her work and pays the price. Bosch is now making a living as a private investigator two years after he quit the LAPD and finds himself working with one time enemy and top-notch attorney Honey "Money" Chandler.

Why does Bosch tell Vibiana to leave?

Late one night, Bosch gets a call from Vibiana to say that she feels like there is something off about a message she received from Sloan; that he wanted to come up and do a security check despite having already done one that evening. Bosch agrees that something about it doesn’t seem right, and tells Vibiana she must leave immediately.

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