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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average airspeed for a Boeing 737?

Boeing 737-800 Engine Number of Engines 2 Height 41’2″ Total Seats 148 Typical Cruising Altitude 35,000 ft. Cruising Speed 583 mph. Do private jets fly faster than commercial? Private jets often fly at the same speed as commercial jets, which on average, fly 547–575 mph when they reach cruising altitude.

What plane will replace the Boeing 737?

The Boeing 777X was unveiled on March 13 in a private, employees-only event.The 777X is destined to serve as Boeing's new flagship and replace the iconic 747 jumbo jet.The 777X comes in two variants: the $410.2 million 777-8, and the $442.2 million 777-9.The jet is expected to enter service in 2020 with its launch customer, Emirates.

Is the 737 bigger or 747 Boeing?

…on the right, we have one Boeing 747 engine, represented by an adorable Akita. Well, I might have exaggerated a little… but you get the point: The Boeing 737 is larger than a Boeing 747’s engine. But seriously, I will answer this question with another question: Have you ever came across a baby and felt so asto

What is the speed of a Boeing 737?

Boeing 737-800/Top speed. How fast does a 737 fly mph? The advanced wing airfoil design provides an economical cruise speed of . 789 Mach (530 mph) – compared to . 745 Mach for earlier 737 models. The Next-Generation 737 airplanes are capable of cruising to a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet, compared to 39,000 feet for the competition. ...

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