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Frequently Asked Questions

What do birds want in a birdhouse?

Attracting Birds to Birdhouses Food: A variety of food sources, including bird feeders as well as natural foods, will ensure that nesting birds have plenty to feed their chicks. ... Water: All birds need fresh water for drinking and bathing, and a clean water source can make a yard even more attractive for nesting birds. ... Shelter: Thicket-like shelter that includes evergreen trees and a variety of native plants will be most attractive to nesting birds. ... More items...

Do birds use birdhouses in the winter?

Winter Birds Myth: You should take birdhouses down in winter because birds don’t use them and other creatures will move in. Winter Birds Fact: On the contrary! A birdhouse makes a great roosting house in winter. Eastern bluebirds will pile into houses to spend cold nights.

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