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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in a biergarten?

Music and merriment resound as diners are encouraged to dance and be part of the boisterous merrymaking–or simply relax in the twilight atmosphere in this magnificent German hall. At the Biergarten Restaurant, seating is at long communal tables that offer a great view of the festivities.

Where is the biergarten in Munich?

The typical Biergarten of Hofbrauhaus in downtown Munich, Bavaria, Germany Biergarten. In Bavaria Munich Germany Munich, Biergarten at Englischer Garten. People seat outdoor in one of the several Biergarten in Englischer Garten in central Munich enjoying beer and Bavaria, open air restaurant (biergarten).

What is the Biergarten restaurant at Epcot?

The Biergarten Restaurant is a buffet restaurant in Disney Epcot's World Showcase Germany section. Right off the bat you need a park ticket to get in so if you aren't planning to go to Epcot, this place isn't for you.

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