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Frequently Asked Questions

What pickups should I use with the PRS SE Custom 24?

Since I've known the PRS SE Custom 24 to be a good distortion guitar, I wanted to target pickups that could also handle heavier levels of distortion. At the same time, your pickups should be able to produce a high-quality clean tone. This is why the active pickups seemed like such a good fit.

Is the PRS SE 245 electric guitar good for beginners?

The PRS SE 245 Electric Guitar has a beveled maple top wood, so the instrument looks sleek, too. The guitar comes with 22 frets. This gives greater flexibility than most 20-fret beginner-focused models but also isn't as complex as 24-fret guitars. As a result, this is an excellent overall guitar for beginners and intermediate players. 5.

Is the Gibson SE Custom 24 a good pickup upgrade?

Since this is an incredibly decent guitar for the price, it's a good candidate for a pickup upgrade, as the included humbucker set is of the cheaper PRS stock variety. They sound okay but the SE Custom 24 can sound much better with a nicer set of pickups from a third party.

How do I install pickups into my SE Custom 24?

The way you install pickups into your SE Custom 24 will depend a lot on which pickup set you decide to get. Active pickups are installed differently since they require a 9V battery as a power source, though they'll usually have their own instructions included. Here's how you'd likely wire up a set of active humbuckers:

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