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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average typing speed for a beginner?

Typing speed of a kid depends upon typing skill. It will vary from one kid to others. A beginner kid can type 10-20 words per minute normally. An expert kid can type 30-40 words per minute. So we can say that the average typing speed of a kid is 20-30 words per minute.

How do I practice my typing?

Type the keys from left to right and begin practicing without moving your fingers. Practice both uppercase and lowercase letters, and gradually proceed to typing words. Begin with simple words that use the home-row keys: "sad," "fad," "all" and others. Move to more complex words.

How to enhance your keyboarding skill?

There are also more general methods to improve both the speed and accuracy of your typing abilities: Limit your finger movements. ... Delegate each half of the keyboard to one hand. ... Take periodic breaks. ... Pay attention to your sitting posture. ... Visualize where the keys are. ... Use your thumb to strike the space bar. Use your ring or pinky finger to hit the shift-key. Maintain a rhythm. ... More items...

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