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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bali Hai cigars have nicotine?

There is a sweetness from the filter and the Bali hai being more sweet but the splashes more just tobacco and clove. The filter is good and presses together at the very end and it is an oily smoke with the splashes being slightly lighter and less complex and notable. They have a medium amount of nicotine, and are not enough to satisfy my need ...

Is Bali like Thailand?

Bali feels like an island that is being developed specifically for Instagram photos, whereas Thailand you can find a lot of hidden gems. I’ve heard northern Thailand is incredible, and I think overall it’s just more developed for tourists. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have questions! Also! Thailand is much better for a longer period ...

Where is Bali Hai in San Diego?

Nothing is like the Bali Hai when it comes to the atmosphere and environment. Shelter Island, where the BH is located, has its own complex and fascinating history, and is part of San Diego's cultural identify and spirit. Check out a show at Humpheries. Go for a Paddle in a Kayak.

Where is Bali Hai golf course?

Bali Hai Golf Course overview. Designed by Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley in 2000, Bali Hai Golf Club has become one of Las Vegas’ most visited courses. Located at the southern end of the strip, Bali Hai forces players to use the casinos and hotels as aiming points and offers great views of the surrounding area.

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