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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of USF?

USF plays its first intercollegiate sports event, defeating Florida Southern College's men's soccer team. Students publish the first edition of “The Oracle,” the student newspaper that replaced the campus edition of the Tampa Daily Times, started in September 1960.

What is the University of South Florida known for?

The University of South Florida ranks 25th among public universities for research spending and 42 nd among all universities nationally. President Judy Genshaft leads her final USF commencement ceremonies. She conferred more than 210,000 degrees during her 19-year tenure.

Who was the first president of the University of South Florida?

The Board of Control names John S. Allen the first president of USF. The Florida Cabinet approves the name "University of South Florida," in part because it is the southernmost state university in Florida at the time. Groundbreaking ceremonies take place on the new Tampa campus.

What is USF’s accreditation status?

Governor Rick Scott signed the Florida Excellence in Higher Education of 2018, requiring the USF System and its three campuses to consolidate accreditations under one umbrella by July 1, 2020. The university achieves Preeminent State Research University Status, as designated by the Florida Board of Governors.

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