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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average atomic mass of nitrogen?

Nitrogen has two naturally occurring isotopes: nitrogen-14 and nitrogen-15. The average atomic mass of nitrogen is 14.0064 amu. What is the average atomic mass of nitrogen-14 and 15? Atomic mass : The atomic mass for nitrogen-14 is 14.0067 amu. Therefore, the mass for nitrogen-15 is 14.928 amu.

What are the stable isotopes of nitrogen?

Nitrogen has two stable isotopes: 14N and 15N. The first is much more common, making up 99.634% of natural nitrogen, and the second (which is slightly heavier) makes up the remaining 0.366%. This leads to an atomic weight of around 14.007 u. Nitrogen-14 is composed of 7 protons, 7 neutrons, and 7 electrons.

What is the atomic number for nitrogen?

Nitrogenis a chemical element with an atomic number of 7 (it has seven protons in its nucleus). Molecular nitrogen (N2) is a very common chemical compound in which two nitrogen atoms are tightly bound together. Why nitrogen formula is n2?

What is the half-life of nitrogen-13?

All of these radioisotopes are short-lived, the longest-lived being nitrogen-13 with a half-life of 9.965 (4) min. All of the others have half-lives below 7.15 seconds, with most of these being below 620 milliseconds.

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