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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Alteryx cost?

Pricing. Alteryx offers annual subscriptions for its licenses that covers product updates and support. The Alteryx Designer costs $5,195 per year and its additional capabilities include Location Intelligence ($11,700 per user per year), Consumer Intelligence ($33,800 per user per year) and the Intelligence Suite ($2,300 per user per year).

What is the cost of Alteryx?

FREE 14-Day Trial of Alteryx Designer on signup. Alteryx Designer: $3,995 per user, per year (3-Year Subscription), $5,194 per user, per year (1-Year Subscription) Alteryx Server: $45,000 per server, per year (3-Year Subscription), $58,500 per server, per year (1-Year Subscription)

Is Alteryx open source?

Alteryx: Open Source YXDB This is open source code – warts and all. Most of this code is the exact code that Alteryx uses internally. It is written in C++ – there are no bindings for other languages. That said, it is open source, so there is no reason it couldn’t be exposed to other languages.

How does Alteryx processes data?

Alteryx provides the analytics engine to help organizations eliminate their reliance on legacy tools, and restrictions that slow down the decision making process. Alteryx processes data in a unique way, leveraging a combination of in-memory and in-database processing to optimize data blending and analytics.

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