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Frequently Asked Questions

What are altalt-azimuth mounts?

Alt-Azimuth Mounts. The alt-azimuth telescope mount is a basic arrangement that moves the optics in altitude or azimuth - up and down, or side to side - as independent functions and includes the option to lock the mount’s position and to guide it manually. The alt-azimuth telescope mount design is generally used with smaller telescopes,...

What are altalt-azimuth telescope mounts?

Alt-Azimuth mounts are an incredible platform and one of the reasons amateur astronomy grew so rapidly a few decades ago. While alt-azimuth telescopes are not intended for the dedicated astro-imager, these easy to use mounts are perfect for visual astronomers or those who enjoy doing live view photography. Love Astronomy? Lets Keep In Touch!

Do I need a tripod for my alt-azimuth telescope?

Most alt-azimuth mounts come with a tripod, but at least one alt-azimuth telescope, the Dobsonian, does not need a tripod. It's alt-azimuth mount is in the form of a box that sits on the ground, but since the Dobsonian telescope moves up, down, right, and left, it is technically Alt-Azimuth.

What kind of Mount has 360 degrees of azimuth?

This sturdy and affordable single-arm altazimuth mount features 360-degree azimuth and 180-degree altitude rotation. Micro-motion cables on both axes allow precise aiming, framing, and tracking of target objects.

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