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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to rainrain Brown on Alaskan bush people?

Rain Brown is a beautiful young woman who happens to be the baby of the Alaskan Bush People family. So her older siblings tend to dote on her. A while back the daring young woman had her hair cut extremely short and she looked gorgeous. She has one of those faces that even if she shaved her head bald, she would look great.

What happened to Twila from Alaska bush people?

One of them, Twila, appeared in an episode of "Alaskan Bush People." After that marriage ended, he wandered all over the U.S. He became a fisherman in the northern Pacific and ended up settling in Alaska, where he wrote biographies of his life.

Are Ami and Billy Brown from Alaskan bush people married?

Relationship Mar 02, 2021 'Alaskan Bush People' to Air Tribute in Honor of Patriarch Billy Brown 3 Weeks after His Death Before he met Ami, he got married as a teenager and had two daughters. One of them, Twila, appeared in an episode of "Alaskan Bush People."

Where did the Brown family live in Alaska?

Originally, the family was located near Hoonah, Alaska, or "Browntown” as the family called it. Browntown was a series of homes the family built themselves using materials from the Alaskan bush. The Browns left Alaska due to a sudden cancer diagnosis with Ami, the matriarch of the family.

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