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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Air Force Portal access?

The user's USAF government supervisor or sponsor validating their need for Air Force Portal access fills out blocks 17 to 20b. The Supervisor/Sponsor should then send the DD2875 in a digitally signed email to [email protected], or fax the form to the Air Force Portal Program Office (DSN 596-1040, Commercial 334-416-1040).

What is the limited access page for the AF portal?

This limited access page is available to Portal users who need to enable a newly issued CAC with their portal account I Am Logging In With a CAC, Why Am I Seeing This Page? If you are trying to access the AF Portal with your CAC and reached this page, it is likely your CAC has lost synchronization with your browser. Please try the following steps:

How long does it take to sign up for Air Force Portal?

You then will be able to log in with your CAC or userid and password. The Air Force Portal should be ready for the user to register within 48 hours upon receiving a CAC. Users with questions or problems after the 48-hour time period should contact their assigned portal tiered administrator.

What is the purpose of the AF portal?

Currently, the AF Portal team is focused on delivering capabilities to the military, civil service community and base support contractors. In the long term, the AF Portal will support the entire AF community: Active Duty, Reserve, Air National Guard, civil servants, retirees, dependents, and our support contractors.

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