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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of my Air Canada Flight?

Status of Air Canada flights by route or by flight number. Information on scheduled and estimated departure and arrival times, delays and cancellations. Flight Status Results Visit our COVID-19 information hub for Air Canada’s response to the pandemic and how to adjust your current or future travel with us.

What is the flight status tool?

Where we fly? Are you looking for the status of a specific flight? Our Flight Status tool provides up-to-date flight departure and arrival information. Download our mobile timetable now with the Air Canada App for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.

How do I know if my flight is affected by weather?

See the day’s outlook for possible flight disruptions caused by weather or other conditions. Receive delay, cancellation or gate change information via text message or email. Air Canada offers a range of mobile services, including an app for your Apple, Blackberry and Android devices.

What is the date format for Air Canada vacations hotels?

Hotels provided by Air Canada Vacations. Hotels provided by Loyalty Travel Agency, holder of a Québec (Canada) permit. The valid format for the date is two digits for the day, two digits for the month, and four digits for the year, each separated by a forward slash or space.

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