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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABP modules?

ABP provides a module system that allows you to develop reusable application modules, tie into application lifecycle events, and express dependencies between core parts of your system. Open source and commercial modules & themes are ready to use in your business application. Distributed as NuGet & NPM packages.

Who is ABP for?

ABP is for developers. It aims to simplify your daily software development while not restricting you from writing low level code. Includes a CLI to help you automate the creation of new projects and the addition of new modules. Various startup templates provide a fully configured solution to jump start your development.

What is meet the ABP community?

Meet the ABP Community! Our mission is to create an environment where developers can help each other with articles, tutorials, case studies, etc. and meet like-minded people. This book is a practical guide for implementing the Domain Driven Design with the ABP Framework.

What is ABP web API?

ABP implements common application conventions by default with a minimal or zero configuration. Auto registers known services to dependency injection. Exposes application services as HTTP APIs by naming conventions. Creates dynamic HTTP client proxies for C# and JavaScript.

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