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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wind Waker worth playing?

Yes. There is no "bad" to Wind Waker. It's smoooooth as butter, pure eye candy, and it's fun. The HD version has fixed a lot of small issues with the original GC version (Not having to play the same tune seven billion times just to travel being the largest fix), and it's well worth it. If you love LoZ, you'll love WW.

How many fairies are there in Zelda Wind Waker?

The Wind Waker In The Wind Waker, there are seven Great Fairies, five of which reside in fountains under a giant shell. One must be rescued from inside a Big Octo at the Two-Eye Reef. Another Great Fairy, the Fortune Goddess, lives in the Forest of Fairies in Outset Island and gives Link a larger Wallet.

What happened to the Zora in Wind Waker?

What happened to the Zora people? The aquatic Zora people featured prominently in Ocarina of Time, but are absent in The Wind Waker. One theory is that they have gone extinct when Hyrule was flooded with ocean.

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