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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Zelda Fitzgerald?

Zelda Fitzgerald. Written By: Zelda Fitzgerald, née Zelda Sayre, (born July 24, 1900, Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.—died March 10, 1948, Asheville, North Carolina), American writer and artist, best known for personifying the carefree ideals of the 1920s flapper and for her tumultuous marriage to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

What are the 5 books about Zelda Fitzgerald?

The Life of Zelda Fitzgerald, the Other Fitzgerald Writer 1 Early Life. The youngest of six children, Zelda was born to a prominent Southern family in Montgomery, Alabama. ... 2 The Fitzgeralds. ... 3 Together in Paris. ... 4 Increasing Instability. ... 5 Decline and Death. ... 6 Posthumous Discovery. ... 7 Sources: Cline, Sally. ...

Did F Scott Fitzgerald borrow Zelda's diary?

F. Scott Fitzgerald was known to appreciate and take from Zelda's letters, even at one point borrowing her diary while he was writing This Side of Paradise. In 1918, Scott showed her diary to his friend Peevie Parrot who then shared it with George Jean Nathan.

What was Fitzgerald's first novel?

According to Canterbery and Birch (and Fitzgerald himself), this first novel was Fitzgerald's "ace in the hole", a poker term. Scott saw the novel's publication as the way to Zelda's heart.

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