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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Talon in Zelda Ocarina of time?

Ocarina of Time. Talon is the lazy owner of Lon Lon Ranch, found in the center of Hyrule Field. He bears a resemblance to Mario from the Mario franchise, with the other ranch hand, Ingo, bearing a resemblance to Luigi. He is a rather portly fellow, sporting a bald head and mustache, wearing jean overalls, a red undershirt, brown boots, and as ...

Where is shiek in Zelda Ocarina of time?

When he awakes as an adult wielding the Master Sword, a mysterious figure is waiting for him in the Temple of Time. From this point on, Zelda disguises herself as Shiek and acts as a mentor character for Link, teaching him various teleportation songs on his Ocarina.

Does Ocarina of time hold up?

What's so remarkable about Ocarina of Time is that you can take elements that may not exactly hold up to today's standards and then argue why they do hold up or what aspects of those aged elements still hold up fairly well. The visuals, for example, are littered with plenty of blurry textures and polygons, which isn't exactly acceptable these days.

What is Zelda dungeon?

Level 5: The Lizard is the fifth dungeon found in The Legend of Zelda. Known by many because of its hard-to-find location, this dungeon hides the fifth Triforce Shard of the Triforce of Wisdom. The Lizard is one of the more difficult dungeons in the game, filled with stronger enemies in greater numbers. Its location is in northern Hyrule, near Death Mountain.

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