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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convert a YouTube video to a MP4?

How to download Youtube to MP4 to Android or iPhone?Visit Youtube from your browser or open Youtube app on your Android device or iOS; after that, copy the video URL you wish to download.Paste the URL into the search box above.Click “Download” and select the format you wish to download. After a few seconds, your file will be downloaded to your mobile.

Can I upload MP4 to YouTube?

You can comfortably upload MP4 file formats on YouTube. MP4 is part of the MPEG4 family and is a commonly used file format for portable media players. In combination with an H.264 codec, 15-20Mbps, audio codec AAC-LC, and an aspect ratio of 16:9, YouTube recommends it for full HD videos (1920×1080 px).

How to convert YouTube to MP4 safely?

Then follow these steps:Log on to YouTube and visit the video you aim to download.Simultaneously, run the video downloading software in another window.Copy the video’s link from YouTube and paste it into the downloader’s address bar.From the drop-down menu listed beside the address bar, select MP4 video format.More items...

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