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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the sliders go when they arrive in the world?

The Sliders arrive in a world virtually crime free. What criminals there are perform on a game show where they play for their lives. Mallory is captured due to previous convictions by his double on the world. The rest of the Sliders go to the studio where the show is made.

What is the plot of the slider?

In a world where San Francisco is part of the Republic of Texas and a combination of Western culture and technology exists along with saloons and office buildings, the Sliders find themselves in the middle of a hostile takeover attempt by corporate gunslingers who give the term "negotiate" a new meaning.

What is the buddy system in the movie sliders?

One is a woman, Michelle, whom Quinn saved from a beating. The other is her savage boyfriend, Sid, who followed them. The Sliders are fitted with buddy bracelets which are used in a buddy system of justice. If one "buddy" commits a crime then the other is punished.

What happened to the male sliders?

In a world where the vast majority of men have succumbed to a deadly virus, the male Sliders find themselves arrested and put into service as breeders at a re-population center. Error: please try again.

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