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Frequently Asked Questions

What movies can I watch on YouTube?

With YouTube movies, you can stream movies and watch them instantly on your Internet connected mobile devices, game consoles, smart TVs, media streaming players, and the web. Note: After you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start viewing it.

Are there any movies on YouTube?

YouTube’s Free Streaming Movies. YouTube offers free movies in various genres, some of which are comedy, action & adventure, animated, crime, documentaries, horror, and classics. However, even though there exists lots of videos in those genres, you can't actually browse through the movies inside any particular genre.

How do you upload a movie to YouTube?

Through Sharing Settings Open your video. Press the Share button. Select YouTube from the Share menu. Give it a title. Describe the video. Tag the video. Select your privacy settings. Click the Upload or Publish button.

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