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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get YBA hacks?

How To Redeem YBA Codes aka Your Bizarre Adventure Codes? Launch the YBA Roblox Game Once the game is loaded successfully, look at the lower-right corner, click the menu button. When the menu page opens up, click the setting/gear icon -> enter the code in the code input box and get your reward

How to get TW Oh YBA?

Tips and Tricks to Obtain TWOH 1st quest: Win 25 games in the 1v1's gamemode. Use a stand you work best with. Using a stand that you're good at can help you win multiple 1v1s especially with people who aren't good at 1v1s or using weaker stands than yours.

How to get twoh YBA wiki?

To get Twoh u need to use diary on tw,then go to 1v1s and kill 50 people (or just ask him if u can kill him) then use diary again. how to prestige in yba ? First get to the max level on each prestige and go talk to Prestige Master Will on the main game map.He is located by the entrance of the Steel Ball Run teleporters.

How to sprint in YBA?

Pressing Z to toggle run or sprint was one of the most puzzling choices made in the game. You will need to know that one if you want to get around the map. Dashing with the C key will go in the direction you were moving.

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