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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yahoo price adjust for stock splits and dividends?

Yahoo adjusts all historical prices to reflect a stock split. For example, ISRG was trading around $1000 prior to 2017/10/06. Then on 2017/10/06, it underwent a 3-for-1 stock split. As you can see, Yahoo's historical prices divided all prices by 3 (both prior to and after 2017/10/06): For dividends, let's say stock ABC closed at 200 on December 18.

How do I add lots to my portfolio in Yahoo Finance?

Enter info for the lot you're adding in the data fields (the info is saved automatically). Sign in to Yahoo Finance. Tap the Menu icon . Tap My Portfolio. Select the list you want to edit.

What is the difference between a split and a dividend?

A split will increase/ decrease the price by the split ratio, and a dividend will decrease the price by the amount of the dividend. So what adjustment are they talking of? dividendsyahoo-financestock-split

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