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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a workspace?

Use Azure Machine Learning studio to quickly create a workspace with default settings. Use the Azure portal for a point-and-click interface with more options. Use the Azure Machine Learning SDK for Python to create a workspace on the fly from Python scripts or Jupyter notebooks.

How do I sign in to workspace?

Users access their WorkSpaces by using a client application from a supported device or, for Windows WorkSpaces, a web browser, and they log in by using their directory credentials. The login information is sent to an authentication gateway, which forwards the traffic to the directory for the WorkSpace.

What are the benefits of using a workspace?

It gives users new ways of interacting and working together. Some of the biggest benefits of a workspace include: The better the employee experience, the more engaged employees are in their work. At many companies, employees find their work is often stalled by having to log into multiple systems, apps, and devices.

What is the difference between a workspace and a directory?

For both Windows and Amazon Linux WorkSpaces, each WorkSpace is associated with a virtual private cloud (VPC), and a directory to store and manage information for your WorkSpaces and users. For more information, see Configure a VPC for WorkSpaces .

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