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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Howdy mean in WordPress?

Basically Howdy, admin is the only greeting you see in WordPress unless you have customized your WordPress functionality. Here is the meaning of Howdy as per Google’s dictionary. The problem here is that Howdy is a very casual, less popular and it doesn’t sound good.

How to replace Howdy with welcome in WordPress?

Just goto the plugin settings and enter the word with which you want to replace Howdy and save changes. If you want to change howdy to hello, just enter hello in the space given and save the changes. If you want to change howdy to welcome, just enter welcome in the space given and save the settings.

How do I get rid of Howdy text in WordPress?

Remove the Howdy Text in WordPress If you just want to remove the howdy text in WordPress, then you can use the plugin – Remove Howdy. This plugin simply removes Howdy. You replace it with anything else.

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