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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of flooring is used in bowling alleys?

There are two types of surfaces used in bowling alleys - wood and synthetic. Wooden alleys are made from maple and pine, with maple being used for the approach, pin deck, and the first 12 feet of the alley, and pine being used for the rest.

What is bowling alley wood made of?

Bowling alley floors made from wood are made from maple. Maple is a very dense, hard and tough wood, and it is chosen for this purpose because of these qualities.

What is bowling alley wood?

Bowling alley wood is laminated side-by-side like a butcher-block countertop. Often 2 1/2-inches or more in thickness, the side-by-side lamination gives the wood incredible strength and resiliency.

What is Alley in Bowling?

A bowling alley (or bowling center) is a facility where the sport of bowling is played. Bowling alleys contain long and narrow wooden lanes (or alleys). The number of lanes inside of a bowling alley is variable.

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