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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin?

To complete the Wisconsin online application for unemployment benefits, you will need to enter information about yourself and your employers. Then, simply follow the system instructions and submit the application.

Is unemployment taxable in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Unemployment. The Wisconsin Dept. of Labor wants to remind everyone that unemployment benefits are taxable income, on both state and federal income tax returns. When collecting unemployment benefits, many people forget that they will eventually have to pay the taxman.

What is the phone number for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin?

Unemployment Office Wisconsin Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Unemployment Office Wisconsin is +1 (608) 261-6700 / 608-267-1405 / 608-266-8010 . Unemployment Office Wisconsin is meant for providing the jobs to the job seekers.

Where is the unemployment office in Wi?

The address of Unemployment Office Wisconsin is 6087 N Teutonia Ave Milwaukee, WI 53209, United States.

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