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Frequently Asked Questions

Which VR headsets do you test against the Oculus Rift?

In 2018, we tested the standalone Oculus Go and the Lenovo Mirage Solo against mobile VR headsets. We also tested the Vive Pro against the Rift. In 2019, we added the Oculus Quest to our testing lineup and pitted the Rift against the Rift S.

What is the Best VR headset that uses a phone as screen?

But if you need the cheapest headset possible, we think the Merge VR Headset is the best VR headset that uses a phone as its screen. Of the seven cheap headsets we tested, it offers the best combination of low cost, comfort, and adjustability.

How much does it cost to run a VR headset?

The headsets have similar requirements, so a PC that works with one should work with the other. A desktop PC with the bare-minimum specs to run a VR headset costs about $800 without a monitor, mouse, keyboard, or speakers. It’s worth spending more if you can.

What is the point of VR on mobile?

In most cases, the point of using VR is to be transported to a virtual world where a movie or game feels nearly real. Mobile headsets aren’t powerful enough to do that; they can’t run high-end games or track your hands.

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