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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Linux commands?

cat (short for concatenate) is one of the most frequently used commands in Linux. It is used to list the contents of a file on the standard output (sdout). To run this command, type cat followed by the file’s name and its extension. For instance: cat file.txt.

What are the basic commands in Linux?

ls (List Files and Directories) is one of the basic commands that any Linux user should know. It lists the content of a directory such as files and folders. Running ls without parameter will list the content of the current directory.

How to use the awk command on Linux?

`awk` command uses ‘-v’ option to define the variable. In this example, the myvar variable is defined in the `awk` command to store the value, “AWK variable” that is printed later. Run the following command from the terminal to check the output. $ echo | awk -v myvar = 'AWK variable' ' {print myvar}' Output:

What are the shell commands in Linux?

chown : Used to change the owner of the file.chgrp : Used to change the group owner of the file.chmod : Used to modify the access/permission of a user.

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