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Frequently Asked Questions

What CPU do you need to run Windows 11?

Microsoft is set to launch Windows 11 later this year, and the company updated its minimum CPU requirements needed to run the new era of OS — including older Intel, AMD and Qualcomm processors.

Is my AMD processor compatible with Windows 11?

AMD CPU Windows 11 compatibility list For AMD, Windows 11 CPU compatibility goes back to 2018. This includes 2nd generation Ryzen (Zen+) chips and above. Microsoft also has a full AMD list, including chips from AMDs Athlon, EPYC, Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper series.

Will windows 11 run on AMD Zen 1 processors?

Update on June 28: Microsoft appears to be having a change of heart. After receiving strong criticism for its strict CPU requirements, the company is now attempting to run Windows 11 on 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 processors. We will update this article if Microsoft makes any changes to its requirements.

Can your laptop or desktop run Windows 11?

You can find the full list of supported Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors over on Microsoft's support page. Window 11 is a completely free upgrade for Windows 10 users, but there are a few more requirements your laptop or desktop will need to run Microsoft's latest OS. Check if your laptop can run Windows 11.

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