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Frequently Asked Questions

What are UHD Graphics?

UHD Graphics 630 - Intel. UHD Graphics 630 is an integrated graphics processor introduced by Intel in 2017 for the performance desktop Coffee Lake microprocessors. The 630 are the mid-range (GT2) IGP offered by Intel with 24 execution units. UHD Graphics 630 are found in 8th generation desktop Core i3, Core i5...

How do I update Intel HD graphics?

Take the following steps to use Windows Update to update the suitable Intel HD graphics driver. Step 1. Click Start button and type Update to enter Windows Update. Step 2. Click Check for updates and Windows will search for the latest drivers updates for your computer. Step 3. Select the Intel HD graphics driver you want to install.

How do I update my Intel HD graphics driver?

Method 1: Update the driver in Device Manager - Click Start and type Device Manager, then hit Enter - Select Device Manager from the search list - Find Your Graphic card, right click on it, then select Update. Method 2: Go to manufacturer's website to download and install Go to manufacturer's...

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