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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Foundation season 2 premiere on Apple TV+?

Get a glimpse of the new season. Apple TV+ has shared a sneak peak at Foundation Season 2 and announced that the new episodes will premiere in summer 2023. The Apple TV+ exclusive series didn’t get a specific release date, but the show certainly appears to be quite far along.

Will there be another season of foundation?

Apple has only renewed Foundation for another season, but we’d be shocked if more aren’t forthcoming. Speaking to Lovin Malta in January 2021, Goyer revealed his ambitions to tell Foundation’s vast and epic tale – which spans one thousand years of fictional human history – across 80 episodes.

What about the Second Foundation?

What about the Second Foundation, which fans of Asimov’s book series already know about? As Hari Seldon teased in season 1's final episode, he set up two Foundations at opposite ends of the galaxy – one which the Empire knows about and one it doesn’t. Season 2, then, should take us to this Second Foundation, which is teased in the first trailer.

Is Foundation based on a true story?

Foundation is based on the books by Isaac Asimov and follows a band of exiles as they work to save humanity and rebuild civilisation. It was first announced by Apple TV+ in 2018 and premiered in September 2021, making the summer 2023 release date for Season 2 a welcome surprise to fans.

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