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Frequently Asked Questions

How high can wild turkeys fly?

Turkeys can fly at about 400meters close to the ground in daylight. They can’t see well in the dark so they can fly just 16 meters height in darkness. How Far Can wild turkeys fly? Wild turkeys can fly up to 400 meters close to the ground. They can attain 55mph speed during long flights.

Can domestic or wild turkeys fly?

Wild turkeys are free-roaming birds, they can indeed fly in short, powerful bursts. While the domestic turkeys are most probably never airborne, wild turkeys can fly, however, not fast or high enough as other birds. Wild turkeys are arboreal which means they reside in trees. The only time they are seen on the ground is when they have to eat.

Does a wild turkey have a Waddle?

Turkeys, like chickens, have wattles, also known as a dewlap, but the turkey wattle is slightly different. Turkeys have a single wattle, mid-line on the neck. The wattle, which extends below the beak, is that inelastic ‘turkey-neck’ flap of skin below the beak that we all hope NOT to acquire ourselves as we age!

What are wild turkeys in a flock called?

You can called a Rafter or Flock. Baby turkeys special group names are Poults or Chicks. Domesticated turkeys are called Rafter or Flocks. Wild turkeys are called a Flock or a Gang. Venue, Wake, Committee and Kettle group names for both beautiful turkey vulters and buzzards.

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