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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Godzilla and Dagon?

Dagon is basically just another Godzilla but with a different name, so if Godzilla were to come across another member of his species, it's likely it would also have its own name and wouldn't be called Dagon.

Where does the name Dagon come from?

The god Dagon first appears in extant records about 2500 BC in the Mari texts and in personal Amorite names in which the Mesopotamian gods Ilu ( Ēl ), Dagan, and Adad are especially common.

What was the name of the Dragon in Godzilla's first fight?

Erasumosaurusu) from Godzilla Fierce Fighting Super Encyclopedia, which flatly states, "the identity of the dragon was the plesiosaur Elasmosaurus ." While a crew of sailors was sailing aboard their boat in the ocean, they witnessed the Dragon surface near their boat.

What does Dagon look like in real life?

This includes jagged dorsal plates, dark coarse skin, yellow eyes, gills, wide feet, a robust head, and short forearms. Dagon did not exhibit much of a personality, but it appears that he had a tolerance for humans, allowing them to get close to him.

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