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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join WikiTree?

WikiTree is a community of genealogists growing an increasingly-accurate collaborative family tree that's 100% free for everyone forever. Please join us. Please join us in collaborating on Login family trees. Why do you want to join the WikiTree group? Our previous missions allow us to gain experience of the best practices of the market.

How much does wikiwikitree cost?

WikiTree is 100% free for everyone, forever. Remember my login for next time. Uncheck this if you're on a public computer, such as at a library. If you've lost your password enter only your email address above and click here:

What are wikiwikitree's privacy controls?

WikiTree's privacy controls allow users to protect their personal information, and that of their more recent ancestors and descendants, while providing the ability to publicly share and collaborate on historical data related to their more distant forebears.

What does wikitr mean?

WikiTree is a free, shared social networking genealogy website that allows users individually to research and contribute to their own personal family trees, while building and collaborating on a singular worldwide family tree within the same system.

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