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Frequently Asked Questions

What does USAO stand for?

For the offices of federal prosecutors in the United States, see United States Attorney. The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma ( USAO) is a public liberal arts university in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

Who are USAO's aliases?

In releases, USAO sometimes uses two aliases: Shandy Kubota (for dubstep tracks, and as a vocalist) and DJ Nanashi (for upbeat and handz up tracks). With DJ WILDPARTY, he forms the Shot Bass Idiots group where he releases megamixed compilations and trap and jungle terror tracks as well.

What genres does USAO produce?

In the last few years, USAO has expanded his music production to other genres, specializing in dubstep/drumstep, hardtek, trap, twerk, EDM, several variants of house, and occasionally stepping out for genres he is not known for such as psytrance and glitch hop.

Is USAO a liberal arts college?

It is the only public college in Oklahoma with a strictly liberal arts –focused curriculum and is a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. USAO is an undergraduate-only institution and grants bachelor's degrees in a variety of subject areas.

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