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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wikipedia speedruns?

Wikipedia Speedruns! Welcome to Wikipedia Speedruns! Goal of this game is simple. Try to get to one wikipedia page to another as fast as possible by clicking on the links in the page. Once you finish each prompt, you will get a chance to submit your time to the leaderboard!

What is a normal speedrun?

Normal speedruns are played on a console or PC but some are done on mobile devices and recorded with a capture card or a DVD recorder. PC games are recorded with high quality screen recording software such as FRAPS and OBS. Two of the most common normal speedrun sites are called and Speed Demo's Archive.

What is SpeedRunsLive?

In 2009, SpeedRunsLive was created by Narcissa 'Cosmo' Wright and Daniel 'Jiano' Hart as a way for speedrunners to showcase speedrunning races in real time with a set goal consisting of various possible categories. Each game has a dedicated leaderboard that shows who is the top speedrunner for the game.

Why is speedrunning so popular?

However, broad interest in speedrunning came about with the wider availability of the Internet around 1993 that gave the means for players to be able to share their speedruns with online communities.

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