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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did wikipedia suspend Editing for the word'recession'?

Wikipedia suspended editing on their page for the word “recession” after users were furiously editing back and forth, as politically-driven debate rages over the word. Economic officials from Joe Biden’s administration have recently taken to pushing the “technical” definition of a recession as the U.S. faced a second quarter of negative GDP growth.

Did wikipedia change the definition of recession?

“Wikipedia changed the definition of recession to favor the Biden regime, and then locked the page,” tweeted right-leaning social media personality Mike Cernovich. “Can’t make Biden look bad before the midterm elections!” tweeted another Twitter user. Elon Musk took Wikipedia to task on Friday for “losing its objectivity.”

Why is wikipedia changing'recession' editing permissions?

Wikipedia is changing the editing permissions for users who try to change the page for "recession" following a disagreement over its exact definition. Wikimedia, the company that runs the online encyclopedia, will force new and anonymous users to have their updates reviewed and accepted by an editor before making their changes public on the page.

Why was the'recession' page blocked on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia h as blocked additional edits to the 'recession' page after users attempted to adjust it in response to President Joe Biden's attempts to redefine the word. The page was edited at least 47 times over 24 hours before Wikipedia administrators locked the page so that unregistered users could not change its contents until August.

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