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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Deutsche mean in German?

Deutsch or (das) Deutsche: The German language, in Germany and other places Deutsche: Germans, as a weak masculine, feminine or plural demonyma Deutsch (word), originally referring to the Germanic vernaculars of the Early Middle Ages

What is the abbreviation for Deutsche Bank?

Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank AG (literally "German Bank") is a German and international bank. The headquarters of this bank is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and located in the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers. More than 81,000 people in 76 countries work for the Deutsche Bank. This short article about Europe can be made longer.

Is there a German Wikipedia?

Unlike the Cebuano, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish or many other Wikipedias, the German one does not contain large collections of bot-generated geographical stubs or similar articles. The German Wikipedia version did not have an Arbitration Committee until May 2007.

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