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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the religious news service?

Our stories are distributed to the nation’s leading newspapers, news magazines, online media outlets, broadcasting firms and religious publications. The Religious News Service, its original name, was founded by journalist Louis Minsky (1909-1957) as an independent, nonprofit affiliate of the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

What is the Religion News Foundation?

Founded in 1934, RNS seeks to inform readers with objective reporting and insightful commentary, and is relied upon by secular and faith-based news organizations in a number of countries. RNS is a subsidiary of Religion News Foundation and a proud member of Institute of Nonprofit News.

Does Religion News Service have a left-leaning bias?

In review, Religion News Service has a left-Center bias through story selection that tends to favor issues of concern to the left. All articles are well sourced to credible media outlets. Editorially, there is also a left-leaning bias, such as: “ President Trump, this is no time for prayer .”

Does religious news service defend grant from gay-rights group?

"Religion News Service defends grant from gay-rights group". Crux. Archived from the original on April 16, 2015. Retrieved April 19, 2015. This article about religious mass media is a stub.

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