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Frequently Asked Questions

How many kratom capsules do I take?

Leading kratom capsule manufacturers recommend a daily serving of 2-3 capsules. If you are new to kratom, 2 capsules are probably the best starting point. If you don’t feel 2 capsules are doing...

What are kratom capsules used for?

What Are Kratom Capsules Used For? Kratom is a natural herb that is found in different parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. Known for its action as an analgesic, a stimulant, a euphoria causing herb, has gained popularity in the recent years. It is found in the form of powder, extract, tincture as well as capsules.

What kratom is strongest?

So, the strongest kratom is one that contains the most 7-hydroxymitragynine. Because red-veined leaves are fully mature ones, they contain the highest amounts of 7-HMG among all the stages of the leaves’ maturity. Red varieties are considered some of the strongest. However, Maeng Da is a solid contender for the title of strongest kratom.

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